Nicole 500 EYT / Owner Pink Lotus Yoga Center

Nicole 500 EYT / Owner Pink Lotus Yoga CenterNicole thought she was going to try a new workout method since the gym was not her favorite place to be, but to her surprise, yoga was so much more. Through her years of dance experience and day-to-day living, she realized she had touched on yoga many years prior without knowing it. When she moved and left everything behind including her yoga community, she yearned to go deeper. There wasn't a local studio at the time, so books, videos and being pregnant became her teachers, and her baby helped change the ways she approached nutrition, the mind and breath. After having her son, she hired a trainer to whip her back into shape. The weight was coming off, but she was physically and mentally drained and soon became diagnosed with Grave's disease. Her rigorous workouts had to be stopped, which led her back to yoga. She found a place to heal -- her mind stopped racing and so did her thyroid. ANicolefter time on the mat, the tests came back negative for Grave's disease to which Nicole credits yoga and God. Yoga quickly became one of her passions and as her practice deepened, she was inspired to bring yoga to Lexington, SC. She continued her education by becoming a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher and shortly after, she opened the doors to Pink Lotus Yoga Center. She believes wholeheartedly in the theory of teaching to learn and recently completed her 500-hour yoga teacher training under Dawn Yager of Shanti Yoga. She also keeps things fresh through attending various workshops, and by bringing special guests to her studio such as Dawn Yager, Where Is My Guru's Jessica Durivage, Go W/ The Flow and more. Nicole believes in bringing a wide variety of yogic principles to Pink Lotus and sharing all of the spiritual, physical and mental benefits of yoga with Lexington. She thrives in providing a fun, welcoming atmosphere for new and seasoned yogis and yoginis of all levels and from all walks of life.

Kelly 200 E-RYT / Baptiste Yoga

Kelly 200 RYTKellyKelly began teaching yoga in 1998 while studying massage therapy in Anchorage, Alaska. She has several YogaFit Certifications and 200 yoga teacher training with Gotta Yoga through Pink Lotus Yoga Center. She is also a certified Group Fitness instructor. Kelly and her daughter, Cassiel, are currently training with Baron Baptiste to become certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa instructors. ​She is Baptise level 2 trained, and ​hopes to be fully certified ​Baptise instructor ​by ​2016. She hopes to be fully certified by Fall 2015. Kelly has found mindful movement to be a powerful vehicle for grounding. She brings this to mind in every class she teaches. It is her intention to share that with her classes.


Sierra 200 E-RYT

SierraSierra 200 RYTSierra began practicing yoga on and off approximately ten years ago. Recovering from knee surgery in 2011, Sierra stepped back onto her mat, looking for an "easy" (ha!) workout once she received the all-clear from her doctor, and hasn't left it since. Yoga quickly became a refuge and a place to breathe, and it started permeating her life off of the mat, too. It was then that Sierra realized she wanted to share her love of yoga with others. She completed her 200-hour Vinyasa teacher training certification with Gotta Yoga in June 2013, and is currently pursuing her 500-hour teacher training with Asheville Yoga Center. Sierra believes that yoga is for every body and enjoys learning not only from her fellow teachers, but from yogis of all levels. When not on her mat, Sierra enjoys spending time with her husband and dogs, cooking, and reading.

Channing E-RYT 200/ Prenatal

Channing 200 RYTTeaching permeates Channing's life. Teaching middle school locally for the past 6 years, she became a Registered Yoga Teacher in 2013 and made yoga a full-time focus in 2014. A South Carolina girl, Channing grew up in the state, briefly leaving to attend Middle Tennessee State University where yoga first entered her life. Never considered flexible nor strong, she was amazed at how quickly Channingone can progress through the postures, and relished the non-competitive spirit of yoga. Channing's passion for yoga became renewed during pregnancy, when breathing techniques and meditation became daily practices. Channing received her 200-hour certification in Vinyasa Flow from Gotta Yoga out of Charlotte, NC. She is currently registered with Yoga Alliance and enrolled in the 500-hour yoga teacher training through Holy Cow in Charleston, SC. Channing has received special training in Prenatal Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, Backbending and Ayurveda. When not teaching or practicing yoga, Channing loves to read, paint, and spend time with her husband Tim, daughter Hadley and son Atticus.

Catherine RYT 200 / Swing Yoga

Catherine 200 RYTCatherineCatherine is a Columbia native who started practicing yoga off and on 12 years ago as a way to maintain the flexibility she developed as a dancer. After college, she became somewhat of a fitness junkie and turned to yoga as a form of exercise and stress relief following a knee injury. Once she began practicing regularly, she quickly realized that yoga is much more than just a physical practice and that the lessons learned on the mat are equally valuable in other facets of life. When she's not practicing yoga, Catherine enjoys cooking and spending time with her family and friends. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training at Pink Lotus School of Yoga and her Swing Yoga training in 2016.

Denis Ann 200 RYT

Denis 200 RYTDenisDenis Ann has found Swarupa, which means, "loving what you do; sitting in your own essence," in her yoga practice and wanted to bring that love and joy to others. Denis Ann sees teaching yoga as an act of love, caring and giving back. She considers it a privilege to share her knowledge of yoga and the many healthy benefits that yoga produces in the body and mind. It is her intention that people journey through their own personal yogic path and find the joy of yoga on and off the mat. Denis Ann received her 200-hour yoga teacher training from Sakhi Yoga in Columbia, SC in 2013. She continues to deepen her study with her personal practice, workshops and reading a vast collection of books on yoga. She has been teaching yoga for 7 years and currently teaches at Pink Lotus Yoga Center since its inception in August 2011. Denis Ann honors the glory of all the yogis and yoginis who have share their love of yoga at Pink Lotus Yoga Center.

John 200 RYT/ Swing Yoga

John 200 RYT/ Swing YogaJohn​John and his wife Jane are both from Rock Hill, SC, where they started dating at age fifteen. They have three children, all grown, and all five Hearns are graduates of the University of South Carolina. John completed his 230-hour YTT in 2015 and swing training in 2017, both at Pink Lotus. He continues as a student, having begun his journey to his 500-hour certification with Holy Cow Yoga Center in Charleston. John is a Pisces, and this shines through in his giving, caring personality.

Kimi 200 RYT

Kimi 200 RYTKimi took her first yoga class in 2005 while in graduate school in California and quickly discovered that from 8-9 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, her mind would enjoy the only escape from stress it could find for the next four years. She brought her love of yoga back to South Carolina upon graduation and felt that she truly found her yoga home when she stepped in the doors at Pink Lotus. Kimi had always been a runner, but started participating in triathlons in 2010 and found that yoga was an invaluable Kimielement of her cross-training regimen. Alas, her tenure as a triathlete only lasted a few years, but she maintains that yoga is an essential cross-training component for simply life itself, both physically and mentally. Furthermore, her day job as a dentist predisposes her to a myriad of neck, shoulder, and back ailments, but she knows that her regular yoga practice is what keeps her pain-free. Kimi finished her 200-hour yoga teacher training in May 2013. Her initial intention when signing up for the training was simply to learn more about yoga and to enhance her own practice, but soon realized that she loved teaching and sharing her love of yoga with others. She blended her love of yoga and athletics by completing Yoga for Athletes training in February 2014 at Enlighten Yoga in Charlotte, NC. While PLYC is most dear to Kimi's heart, she loves to travel and sleuths out a yoga studio or two in each town she visits to connect with yogis from all around, broaden her yoga horizons, and gain inspiration.

Lesley 200 RYT/ Swing Yoga

Lesley 200 RYT/ Swing YogaLesleyLesley dove into her yoga journey soon after giving birth to her first child. She came onto the mat trying to find herself in her new roles of wife and mom. She quickly found that practicing on the mat not only helped improve her strength and flexibility, it also helped her mental state and sense of self. Over the course of a year, a sporty yoga practice turned into a steady home and studio practice. This lead her to go through yoga teacher training at Pink Lotus. Teaching was always something that came natural to Lesley. As a middle school English teacher, she found it easy to apply the things being taught during training directly to the students she taught. She believes that yoga should be more accessible and fun for kids of all ages. She looks forward to growing more as a yoga teacher as she continues her own yoga journey.​

Megan 200 RYT/ Swing Yoga

MegMegMegan dabbled in yoga off and on since beginning college in 2002. Her yoga practice became more regular in early 2015 as a way to cope with the everyday stressors of life. Megan loves the beginner friendly teaching styles of all the Pink Lotus instructors and, like many others, quickly found herself at home within our walls. Megan noticed her more positive, more patient self seemed to correlate with the amount of yoga she practiced. This realization led her to pursue yoga teacher training to deepen her understanding of yoga outside the asanas. She graduated from Pink Lotus School of Yoga in June of 2017. Megan spends the majority of her days on her feet working as a pharmacist and found swing yoga to be greatly beneficial in getting off her feet as well as spinal decompression. She completed her swing training in August of 2016. In addition to yoga, Megan enjoys music, movies, Saturday Night Live, traveling the country, and stays active in her profession.

Pam 200 RYT

PamPamAs always, yoga finds a person when they need it most. For Pamela, her journey with yoga began to combat side effects from an autoimmune disorder. She studied for years at home and finally braved a studio class for the first time at Pink Lotus. Within its safe walls, she experienced yoga's healing benefits, physically and mentally, and knew she needed to learn more. With a background of kinesiology and a decade of teaching physical education, she decided to pursue her 230 hour teacher training with Nicole Zimmer. Pam enjoys all types of yoga, restorative yin to vinyasa flow. Pam hopes share the gift of yoga with all people regardless of experience levels, body types, or illness. Pam's intention is to help each yogi on their individual path, right now, right where they are. When she's not practicing yoga, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and reading.

Rebecca 200 RYT/ Kid's Yoga

RebeccaRebecca's Yoga PoseRebecca is a transplant from Alabama, currently living in Lexington. Practicing yoga off and on since 2005, she decided to deepen her practice in the summer of 2015. She completed yoga teaching training with Pink Lotus Yoga Center in June 2016. Rebecca has a special skill for assistant, and currently trains and manages the apprentice team. When she is not at PLYC, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading books, and volunteering.


Guest Teachers
Once a Lotus, always a Lotus. We love when our guest teachers visit. Be on the look out for them to sub, assist, and lead special classes throughout the year.

Jordan RYT 200/ Swing Yoga Kim RYT 200
Jordan Jordan has been a member of the Pink Lotus kula since 2013 when he wandered in looking to achieve balance. Currently, he is a member of the Track and Field team at Coker College where he is studying Physical Education. Jordan graduated with 230 hours in Pink Lotus Yoga Center's first training, and completed Swing Yoga training soon after. You can catch Jordan teaching Swing and mat classes over school breaks.
Kim Kim is back home in New York with family, friends, and her man after 7 years in South Carolina. Kim is in transition as she navigates a new and exciting chapter. She my RYT200 in Vinyasa from Pink Lotus, and she is currently working towards her RYT 500 through Holy Cow. Kim will be popping by Pink often when she is "down south."

Monica RYT 200/ Swing Yoga

Dene RYT 200
Monica Monica is pursuing her other passion, social work, in Washington DC. Yoga became a daily practice for her when she started coming to Pink Lotus Yoga. She attended Pink Lotus Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 in order to deepen her own practice, but she now loves to teach and share the joy she experiences from yoga. Monica gained her Swing Yoga certification in 2016 as well. Monica has a large family in Lexington, so look for her to pop on the schedule when she's in town.
Dene Dene is living her dream. After retiring in the summer of 2017, she realized a lifetime goal of retiring to Asheville, NC with her husband. Dene found Pink Lotus in 2012 right before Pink's 1st anniversary and quickly became a bright light at the studio. She completed her 200 hour RYT classes with Gotta Yoga in 2014. Her goal is to continue to expand her knowledge of using yoga for stress relief, healing trauma and restoring flexibility and strength. Dene plans to visit often, so keep a look out for her offerings.

Kacie RYT 200
Kacie Kacie is a cardiac/cancer genetic counselor in Delaware. She will be teaching yoga and meditation to cancer patients, and survivors at the cancer center. Kacie discovered yoga in 2011 while on a backpacking trip to Norway as a college freshman. Graduate school brought her to Columbia SC, where she graduated from yoga teacher training at Pink Lotus Yoga Center. Look forward to Kacie's warm hugs, musical talents, and video skills to make their way into Pink Lotus classes when she visits.


Assistants and Subs
Our entire staff is fully certified with at least 200 hours in training. Our Assistant and Sub team are an integral part of our family at Pink.

Margie Margurite - Yoga Apprentice Jazmine

Margie - 200 RYT

Marguerite - 200 RYT

Jazmine - 200 RYT/ Swing Yoga

Alison Keewee Jennifer

Alison - 200 RYT

Keewee - 200 RYT

Jennifer - 200 RYT

Abby Lindsey Caroline

Abby - 200 RYT

Lindsey - 200 RYT/ Swing Yoga

Caroline - 200 RYT

Mary Laura  

Mary - 200 RYT/ Swing Yoga

Laura - 200 RYT